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Inspired by family, friends and nature's wild ways.

Born in Cornwall, Nicky grew up surrounded by spectacular natural scenery and stunning ocean views - truly an artist's paradise.

She first found her love of art as a child when her grandfather introduced her to various media, and taught her to draw and paint at his gallery in Falmouth. Art was always a passion of Nicky's throughout school, though during her college and university years she decided to pursue studies in Mathematics instead. She continued to draw in her free time, particularly interested in work by the graphic artist, M.C.Escher. Almost a decade later studying, living and working in London, in 2018, the longing for ocean air and sea views became far more prevalent. City life had been great, but the sea was calling! Nicky commuted between London and Cornwall for 9 months, working the City in the week and residing at the beach at the weekends. In March 2019 she moved her life back home, 7 days a week, and applied her experience with numbers to a career in Digital Marketing. Evenings and weekends are now spent painting and enjoying all that Cornwall has to offer.

Nicky currently lives in Falmouth with her dachshund, Sunny.

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